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Daily Feed

Cubby Notes for Nannies gives you a comprehensive view of what your kids are up to. All the data that was tracked, messages that were exchanged, and photos that were shared are in your daily news feed.


Getting photos in texts, emails, or your Facebook feed from your nanny? With Cubby Notes for Nannies, nannies can share photos with both parents, and you can even comment on them. Use Cubby Notes for Nannies to track milestones and have organized, searchable memories.


Forgot to tell your nanny that your baby needs 20% more kisses today? Cubby Notes for Nannies provides easy messaging between parents and nannies or any other caretaker. Consolidate your communication while keeping both parents in the loop.


It's super easy for your nanny to track data like bottles, naps, meals, medicine and more. You don't have to wonder if your kids napped well enough to go to dinner, you get notified in real time.

Accounts are free for nannies, and just $9.99/mo for parents.

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